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Gravesend & Medway Martial Arts

  • Improve Your Fitness

    Martial arts are one of the best ways to improve fitness. Our training will help you improve your:

    - cardiovascular capacity
    - flexibility
    - strength
    - conditioning
    - explosive power

    We work on all the muscle groups in ways you can only imagine doing at the gym. You will be seeing the fitness improvements in no time.

  • Increase Your Confidence

    Martial arts training will show you that you have abilities you never thought you possessed.

    Every single student who trains at our classes will show and feel a big increase in confidence and self esteem, made possible by the training that they are undertaking.

  • Stress Relief

    Our classes can help remove the stresses of everyday work and life.

    In our sessions you will work hard, focusing on your training. The exercises can decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins, your body's feel-good hormones, giving your mood a natural boost.

    After the class you will feel re-invigorated!

  • Self Protection and Defence

    We are a trained self protection team using the world renowned FAST Defence system, teaching children and adults how to:

    - identify and avoid conflict situations
    - act assertively and not be a victim
    - manage and avoid unwanted attention
    - cope with the adrenal response from confrontation
    - use verbal and physical techniques to deal with attackers

  • Interest in Martial Arts

    Many people have always wanted to learn a martial art but have never got around to it.  There are many more who have actually done it. But why are martial arts so popular?

    Martial arts are ever growing in popularity, from inspiring films, to UFC and sporting competition such as the Olympics, to interest in the oriental culture and history, or just as a way of improving and enriching your life, the reasons are as individual as you are.

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We offer FREE trial sessions to everyone who wants to come and try our classes in Gillingham or Gravesend.  How many?  As many as you need to make a decision.

We firmly believe that you should not join any martial arts school unless you are happy with the quality and instruction you receive, and you can come and try our classes with absolutely no obligation.

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