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In an age where marketing appears to be more important than the product it can be hard to find a quality martial arts school.

This is why we offer completely free, no obligation trial classes to everyone who is interested. How many classes? As many as you need to make a decision to join us. We are convinced that you will like what we offer, and most people tend to decide after one or two trials. However, if it takes you a little longer, that's absolutely fine with us too.

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Want some free kit?
Our starter pack is fully loaded

When a student joins our school we provide them with all the kit and equipment they need to get started as a means of saying "Welcome, and thank you for training with us".

Our starter pack includes:

  • Training uniform
  • Belt
  • Licence
  • Insurance (for first year, renewable annually)
  • Training handbook
  • ... and more!

The best thing is it's FREE!

Qualified and approved instructors?
Yes, as you should expect.

When looking for a martial arts school for yourself or your children you should be looking for the best value for money. The cost of the training is important but should be secondary to quality and safety.

Ask every school you contact to provide satisfactory answers to the following questions before making a choice:

  • What instructor qualifications do they have?
    Our instructors are qualified and approved to the high standards expected by the Professional Unification of Martial Arts (PUMA), a national martial arts organisation whose rigorous process and quality is recognised worldwide.
  • How long have they been teaching / training?
    Our head instructor, David Harper, is a 6th Dan black belt in Taekwon-do and 4th Dan in kickboxing. He has been training in Taekwon-do since 1991 and teaching since 1999. The assistant instructors are all black belts and have been training for at least six years.
  • Do they have appropriate instructor insurances?
    Of course, issued by PUMA.
  • Are they regularly re-assessed in first aid / child safeguarding to make sure they are up to date with current practices?
    Our instructors are required to re-qualify in first aid and child safeguarding every three years.
  • Can they provide copied of their instructor / insurance / first aid / DBS (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) certificates?
    We're more than happy to, please just ask.
Qualified and approved instructors